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Search smarter, not harder:

  • Tap into the power of our search bar – it's like a treasure map for your skin's needs! Simply type in the brand or name of the product you're looking for and let CLNSD work its magic.

Scan like a pro:

  • Ready to unleash your inner skincare detective? Grab your phone and scan those product labels like a champ! Point your camera at the barcode, and voila! CLNSD will populate the product information and let you know if the product fits your skin type and routine.



Welcome to your personal skincare aisle - where every product is handpicked just for you!

  • Your Personal Skincare Aisle:

    • All products here are curated to your specifications indicated on your skin quiz & tailored to your skin's unique needs. 

  • How Filters Work:

    • Ready to refine your search? Simply tap the "Filter" option. All the drop-down menus appear like little helpers, ready to assist.

  • Select Your Filter Requirements:

    • Want to focus on specific categories, skin concerns, or types? Go ahead and select!

  • Click "Apply Filters" and Voilà!:

    • Once you've made your selections, just click "Apply Filters," and only the products that match your chosen filters will appear – it's like a skincare lovers dream come true!

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Adding and removing products to your virtual vanity is simple. Here's how:

  • Add Products with a Click of a Button:

    • Two paths to choose - Start from your vanity to view category products tailored to your skin type, goals, and categories | Or, if you already have a product in mind, just start searching!

  • Click "Add to Vanity" from the Product Screen:

    • Found a product you love? Simply click the "Add to Vanity" button from the product screen.

  • Notification Confirmation:

    • You'll receive a notification at the top confirming that your chosen product is now part of your vanity collection!

  • Remove Products Effortlessly:

    • Not feeling the love for a product anymore? No worries! From the product screen, just click the "Remove from Vanity" button, and poof! It's gone.



Adding & removing products to your routine is easy. Here's how it works:

  • First, Add to Your Vanity:

    • To include a product in your routine, it must first be in your vanity. Once it's there, you're ready to roll!

  • Adding to Your Routine:

    • Ready to incorporate a product into your daily skincare dance? Simply click the "Add to Routine" button on the product screen. A helpful notification will pop up, confirming its addition to your routine. It'll even remind you of the category and days of the week it's scheduled for, just like the instructions on the product packaging!

  • View Your Routine with Ease:

    • Curious about your current routine? Head to the Routine tab to view it in all its glory. With options for both AM and PM, and variations by day of the week, it's your personal roadmap to radiant skin!

  • Easy Day Navigation:

    • Want to focus on a specific day? Simply click on the day of the week indicator at the top left-hand corner to easily view and manage your routine for that day.

  • Removing Products Made Simple:

    • Not vibing with a product in your routine? Want to make space for something new? No sweat! Just click the "Remove from Routine" button on the product screen & confirm it's no longer a fit, or swipe left on the Routine screen to bid it farewell.



Your skin's mood might change, and that's okay!


Take our quiz anytime, just tap the profile icon and select retake skin quiz from your profile screen to keep your skincare journey as fresh as you are.



Got a skincare gem that's not in our database yet? Fear not! Here's how you can help us expand our treasure trove of products:

  • From the App:

    • Oops, didn't find your holy grail? No worries! Simply tap the "Submit Product" button on the app page, and send us the details. We'll add it in our next update!

  • From the Website:

    • Prefer the web? Head over to our website and navigate to the "Submit Product" section. It's like sending a love letter to your favorite skincare find!

  • Spread the Word:

    • Know someone with a secret skincare weapon? Spread the word and encourage them to submit their favorite products too! The more, the merrier!

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